Packed Bed Scrubbers at Water Utility Protected with ENESEAL CR

These ten foot diameter, sixty-five foot tall packed bed scrubbers, located at a water utility in Florida, are used to remove hydrogen sulfide gases during the purifying process of drinking water.  Failure of these tanks would shut down the purifying process.

Two of these tanks are made of fiberglass and the third is made of polypropylene.  The original protective coating on all three scrubbers had failed and the sun’s UV rays were causing oxidation.  The ENECON Field Engineering Specialist was contacted to find a solution.

ENESEAL CR was recommended because of its UV and corrosion resistance as well as its excellent adhesion properties.  The adhesion properties to fiberglass were known but unknown to polypropylene.  A test patch was applied to the polypropylene scrubber and after seven months continued to show excellent adhesion.

The scrubber’s surface was pressure washed, manually abraded then pressure washed again.  Two coats of ENESEAL CR were applied to the fiberglass scrubber and three coats to the polypropylene scrubber.  Problem Solved!


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