Chemical Resistant Coatings — ENECON’s CHEMCLAD Systems provide unrivaled performance in all types of chemical environments such as tanks, pumps, valves, etc., as well as on concrete and other mineral substrates such as in secondary containment applications.

  • CHEMCLAD GP is a General purpose high performance polymer composite coating system for industrial/commercial applications in standard chemical environments.
  • CHEMCLAD SC is NSF approved for potable water applications and is recommended in standard industrial environments where mild acids and alkalis are ever present.
  • CHEMCLAD XC has been formulated for more extreme chemical environments including concentrated sulfuric or hydrochloric acids. It is the finest room temperature cured, chemical protection coating system on the market.
  • CHEMCLAD P4C is a two component, water borne, polymeric ‘adhesion enhancer’ specifically formulated to help seal concrete / cementitious surfaces and insure optimum interface bonding between the surface and the ENECON High Performance Polymer System selected as the finish coat.